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Not everyone knows how to throw knives, but believe me, those skilled in this art are exceptionally accurate and focused. To boost your accuracy skills, you need to find the best throwing knives on the market.

You may need the best throwing knives for self-defense, hunting, or entertainment competitions.

There are many throwing knives on the market ranging in design, shape, and size. Below, we have sampled just a few of the best throwing knives on amazon.

Let’s check them out.

At a Glance: Best Throwing Knives on Amazon

Best Throwing KnifeBest ForKey Features
1. Kershaw Ion Throwing Knife SetTop PerformanceSturdy paracord for gripChromium stainless steelBlack oxide finish
2. United Cutlery Throwing KnifeBlade QualitySpear pointed bladeStainless steel bodyLess weight
3. Cold Steel KnivesKnife Throwing SportsBlack carbon steel bladeSpear pointed blade
4. Expendables Kunai Thrower SetBalancedNylon belt sheathMetal ringStainless steel
5. KA-BAR Throwing KnifeLightweightLightweight Materialspear-shaped bladesStainless steel blade
6. Ninja Rubber Throwing knifeGripNatural rubber handleSpear point bladeMetal ring
7. Rite Edge Throwing KnifeHandlingErgonomic shapeNon-slip rubber handleStainless steel material
8. Kizlyar Throwing KnifeDurableAerodynamic bodyLight materialspear-shaped blade
9. Smith & Wesson Throwing KnifeComfortableErgonomic designStainless steel handleReliable sheath
10. SZCO Throwing Sport KnifeBalanced KnifeDurable stainless steel bodySharp double edge blade headAerodynamic design
11. SOG Fling Throwing KnifePracticeBalanced weightDouble-edged sharp pointed bladeThin diameter

Best Throwing Knives – Our Top 11 Picks

1. Best for Top Performance: Kershaw Ion Throwing Knife Set

Performing at the top level in throwing knives requires quality like that of the Kershaw ion-throwing knife set.

Kershaw ion knife is made from durable chromium stainless steel that undoubtedly offers excellent strength. Its material build quality offers great edge retention and does not easily get corrupted.

The knife’s handle is wrapped in a sturdy paracord that gives you an excellent grip while holding the knife. The ring on the ions rear provides adequate balance giving you an easy time handling the knife.

The large ring also provides convenient space for attaching a lanyard to make removing the knife from a target easy.

This knife also contains a black oxide blackwash finish that gives the knife a rugged appearance. The finish also provides added corrosion resistance abilities and can easily hide fingerprints and scratches.

2. Best Blade Quality: United Cutlery Throwing Knife

A quality blade is one of the crucial requirements a throwing knife should have to perform at the top level. A good blade guarantees you nothing but the best performance, and that is the case with the United cutlery throwing knife.

The United cutlery throwing knife has a stainless steel blade that is sharp and spear-pointed. Such a blade is resistant to corrosion and sticks on surfaces firmly due to its sharpness, making it convenient for use in any situation.

This knife also weighs 0.45 kilograms. Such a small weight is convenient enough for anyone to use without problems.

This throwing knife has an overall length of eight inches. The blade length is only four inches and provides enough surface for the knife to attach to any surface.  

3. Best for Knife Throwing Sports: Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower

Knife-throwing sports require knives that are strong and durable enough to help you enhance your skills gradually, even at professional levels. If you are looking forward to joining the pro-level competition, the Cold Steel knives will do you great justice.

Its blade material is made from black carbon steel. The carbon steel is sturdy enough to support users of any throwing skill level.

In general, the whole knife weighs 0.27 kilograms. With such weight, you can easily participate in any form of throwing knives and emerge victorious only if you know how to balance the knife.

The blade shape of this knife is also spear-pointed, so you can easily hit your target. The blade is also made of strong and corrosion-resistant carbon steel.

4. Best Balanced: Expendables Kunai Thrower Set

If you are looking for an all-around balanced throwing knife, you have just landed yourself a jackpot. The Expendables kunai thrower set is a throwing knife well balanced in the features that make throwing knives great. Stay with me.

The blade of this knife is sharp and shaped like a spear allowing the knife to penetrate deeper into any target. So, if you’re a hunter, don’t go out without this tool.

The handle is wrapped in a nylon belt sheath that provides enough grip when handling the knife. This knife also has a ring at the rear of the ions that provides enough space for the attachment of a lanyard. The lanyard makes removing the knife from a target easy.

The knife materials are made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion and rust. That way, your knife will not be corrupted hence increasing its lifespan.  

5. Best Lightweight: KA-BAR Throwing Knife

Weight is a huge determinant factor when handling a throwing knife. But that is not the case with the KA-BAR throwing knife.

With only about 5.6 ounces, this throwing knife’s weight is unmatched. Its lightweight material makes it very easy to handle when knife throwing, making it perform better than other knives.

Its blades are spear-shaped, allowing them to maintain their grip on the targeted materials. The blades are also made of a stainless steel material; hence cases of rust will be a thing of the past.

6. Best Grip: Ninja Rubber Throwing Knife

If you have grip issues with your current throwing knife, it’s about time you find a better one that will give you a better grip. When looking for that end grip feeling, look no further, the Ninja rubber throwing knife has that perfect solution for you. The natural rubber makes it the real deal.

Its handle is made from pure natural rubber known to offer the best grip in town. With natural rubber, you will handle the knife much better.

Its blade is designed in a spear point shape that has a sharp tip. The sharp tip ensures the knife hangs on to the target by penetrating deeply.

This knife has a ring at the rear end. The purpose of the ring is to enhance grip while handling the knife. It also serves as a space for holding and removing the knife from the target.

Every knife thrower needs a knife with a capable grip. A strong grip guarantees top-class performance, and a Ninja rubber throwing knife is just the perfect knife to boost your skills.

7. Best Handling: Rite Edge Throwing Knife     

Knife handling is a very important skill to master for every knife thrower. To master knife handling, you need to have a good knife that can boost your skills, and that knife is none other than the Rite edge throwing knife.

This knife is ergonomically shaped to provide just enough comfort while holding it. The ergonomic shape also ensures you do not sustain blisters when handling the knife.

The handle is fitted with a sturdy non-slip grip rubber material that offers unmatched grip. The grip ensures you handle your knife more efficiently without worry of the knife slipping.

The knife is also made from high-quality stainless steel that is tough and resistant to corrosion. The blades are spear-shaped and double-edged, making them more reliable when aiming at a target.

If you want a knife that will last you for a long time, look no further. This knife also comes with a black nylon sheath that provides space for easy carrying and proper storage.

8. Best Durable: Kizlyar Throwing Knife  

Looking for a durable throwing knife? Well, the Kizlyar throwing knife may be a great fit.

Kizlyar is just not like any other ordinary throwing knife regarding durability. This knife is hardened at around 42-45 HRC, guaranteeing you many years of usage without breaking.

For full control of the knife, the Kizlyar throwing knife has adequate grip features that give you the full grip of the knife. It is also designed to incorporate various aerodynamic properties that improve the knife’s presentation as it moves mid-air.

The knife is also lightweight, making it easy to throw around and aim at targets. Its spear-like sharpness makes it break through the air surface with minimal resistance; hence it is much easier to hit targets.

9. Best Comfortable: Smith & Wesson Throwing Knives

Handling an uncomfortable knife often leads to poor performance when throwing it. But luckily, Smith & Wesson Throwing Knives is here to change the game.

This knife is designed ergonomically to cater to different types of hands conveniently. If you frequently use throwing knives, you will rarely encounter blisters on your hands; therefore, you can comfortably enjoy aiming at your targets all day long.

The handle is made from sturdy stainless steel and does not easily get corrupted. Its blade is also made from sharp, durable stainless steel that is reliable regardless of the type of target you are aiming at.

This knife also comes with a reliable sheath that enables you to carry them around easily without the worry of losing any. If you want a comfortable throwing knife that will boost your skills, look no further. 

10. Best Balanced Knife: SZCO Throwing Sport Knife

To master knife-throwing, you need to keep practicing with a balanced knife until you gain that muscle memory required to handle a throwing knife.

However, the problem arises when looking for a balanced knife in the market. The market is saturated with many knives, many of which do not match a properly balanced knife. However, the SZCO balanced throwing knife is here to stop all that market hustle.

This knife is made with durable stainless steel that can withstand long-term use comfortably without getting damaged. Its blades are made from tough stainless steel that does not easily get damaged. Its double-edged blade head is sharp and can comfortably hang on any surface it is thrown at.

With its aerodynamic design, the knife can break through the air surface with incredible power and minimal air resistance, making you use less energy when throwing multiple knives.

The fact that it has the same weight throughout its body with the center of gravity in the middle makes it one of the very well-balanced knives in town. Considering it only requires a little energy to produce great throwing force, you will have more confidence and accuracy when throwing your knife, boosting your skills even further.  

11. Best for Practice: SOG Fling Throwing Knives

If you are looking for a knife for practice sessions, do not worry; you are in the right place. The SOG fling throwing knives are specifically designed to help you perfect your knife-throwing skills.

For a knife to be used for practice, it should have an overall proper balance in each feature. Among the features that are crucial in ensuring there is proper balance is weight.

The weight of this knife is equal from the handle to the tip of the blade. Equal weight all around the knife ensures proper power balance aerodynamically; therefore, the knife would require a little effort to make a great throw.

The blade’s tip is double-edged, sharp-pointed on both sides with a thin diameter. The thin diameter allows the knife to move quickly through the air surface. Hence there will be less resistance as you throw the knife.

Wrap Up               

In this post, we have discussed the best throwing knives on amazon. If you want a good throwing knife, the post will be of great help to save you the market hustle of looking for quality knives.

Every knife reviewed can help you boost your skills in different ways. If you want to practice how to throw a knife and take your throwing skills to the next level, familiarize yourself with the knives above.

Whether you want the best throwing knives for beginners, semi-pros, or pros, this post will greatly help. All the best as you look for a throwing knife that suits your style.   

Tom Williams

Tom Williams

With a large collection of knives and too much free time, I decided that I would open my blog and tell you all about my greatest love in life (besides my wife)

Tom Williams

Tom Williams

With a large collection of knives and too much free time, I decided that I would open my blog and tell you all about my greatest love in life (besides my wife)

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