10 Best Knife-Throwing Boards for Cheerful Competitions

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Are you looking for the best knife-throwing board to help you excel in your newly discovered unique hobby? A good knife-throwing target board will give a good landing area to your knife, and you can tell your progress in accuracy.

When venturing into this challenging skill, consider a softwood target, which will protect the tips of your knife. If you love hardwood boards, you should get knives with sharp points.

Cottonwood is also an excellent material for the best knife-throwing targets due to its self-healing nature when it’s left in moisture.

Let’s dive in and check some of the best knife-throwing targets for sale.

But first:

Quick Summary: Best Knife-Throwing Boards

Target BoardBest forTop Features
1. Bigshot Throwing TargetDurability-Portable
2. LJ’s Log TargetLog target-100% wood
-Comes in different sizes
-Both sides are usable
3. Viking Culture Throwing TargetHeavy dutyIt’s easy to install
-Handles all knives
-Large eye ring
4. Z- Hunter Throwing Knife With Target BoardSturdy-Comes with a knife set
5. Large Two-Ring Throwing TargetBeginners-Pre-installed chains
-Has two rings
-Beginner friendly
6. Generic New Hanging Throwing TargetLightweight-Well-painted
-Made using spruce lumber
7. AKA Sports Gear Archery TargetMultipurpose-Accommodates more games
-High-quality pine
8. Large Four-Ring Throwing TargetFour-ringed-Ready for use
-100% hand-crafted
-Spruce lumber material.
9. Axe Throwing Target BoardBachelor party-Good for kids
-Quality pine
-Has a bottle opener
10. Two Ring Foldable TargetFoldable-Foldable
-Easy to replace its parts

Best Knife Throwing Boards: My Top 10 Picks 

1. Best Durable: Bigshot Throwing Target

You will love this amazing throwing board from Bigshot. It’s a heavy-duty wooden target that keeps your knives safe, plus you can use it for axe throwing.

The board holds all styles of knives and axes, not to mention that it’s screwed together to increase weather resistance and durability.

You can carry this portable board to your picnics and family events. The board has its hanging chains, making it effortless to carry and place it outside.

This board is soft enough for beginners who are yet to master the throw, and you can wet it with water for easier clinging. The pine material won’t chip easily.

2. Best Log Target: LJ’s Log Target

Make your knife throwing experience more fun with this amazing log target during your free time.

The log throwing target is 100% wood, and no metal can damage your knives. It’s sturdy and won’t fall apart with a few throws.

You can get different sizes since the targets are cut from trees with different diameters, with this specific one at 21″. The stable and heavy wood slab perfectly absorbs the impact from the knives and axes. 

It’s not a plain wood target; it’s painted and sealed to protect it from weather and excess wear out during throws. The target has three strong removable legs that make it portable.

3. Best Heavy Duty: Viking Culture Throwing Target

This heavy-duty pine target will help you unleash your potential while throwing your knife or axe. It’s good for practicing distance throwing, competitions, and friendly matchups.

The installation process is effortless with the preinstalled hanging chain for quick mounting and repositioning of the target. It handles all knives, axes, hatchets, throwing stars, and tomahawks. 

The Bullseye ring is at the center of the target and exactly seven inches in diameter, making it a standard size. 

Don’t hang this target on regular walls; the tree trunk or wooden wall will work perfectly. Not to mention that wetting this target will allow it to stick easily on the fresh wood.

4. Best with Knife Set: Z- Hunter Throwing Knife With Target Board

Z Hunters make it easier for you by providing throwing knives with their target board. It’s a high-quality board that will serve you longer.

The 9-inch target board has an appealing look, and the sheath protects it from wearing out faster. Use the Z hunter stainless steel knives for an excellent balance on the board.

It’s made from a lightweight material, making it easier to carry along for your outings.

5. Best for Beginners: Large Two Ring Throwing Target

If you are looking for a throwing target to give to your friends or family, these two rings one is a good option, ready to use right from the box.

The board measures 36″ by 3″ by 28,” and its weight is approximately 25lbs and is easy to move.

There’s so much fun in throwing your knife on this board, and beginners can get high accuracy of up to 90%. Chipping off doesn’t happen often, and duct-taping it will reduce the chances of chipping.

The whole family can enjoy using this board, from the experts to the new trainees. Additionally, the 100% soft spruce lumber material combines with a deadening blackboard to absorb noise during the impact.

6. Best Lightweight: Generic New Hanging Throwing Target

You will love this new hanging throwing target from Generic. It will fulfill your throwing desires.

The target is handmade and well painted. It has a pre-installed hanging chain that allows you to hang it on a tree or wooden wall in your backyard for a fun experience in knife or ax throwing.

The wooden target board weighs approximately 20lbs which is easier to carry around with the help of the hanging chains. It’s made from 100% spruce lumber material that allows the knife to penetrate easily with forceless throws.

It’s advisable to use thin blade knives or axes on this board to increase longevity in experiencing the thrill of knife throwing in your backyard.

7. Best Multipurpose: AKA Sports Gear Archery Target

The AKA Sports gear wooden target is heavy duty measuring 50by 50 by 5.5cm. The board will sort out all your archery gaming, from knife to ax throwing.

Made from high-quality pine wood, it doesn’t damage or form cracks. You will love that each side has a different paint pattern to cover your archery needs.

The hanging handlers at the top of the board make the installation process easier, plus you can use them to carry the board to another area.

If you love slinging arrows, you can use this board, and the best part is when you remove the arrow, the hole diameter becomes smaller. Get a tripod easel to place your board for easier mobility.

8. Best Four Ringed: Large Four Ring Throwing Target

Are you looking for a knife-throwing target for events and parties? This board from Generic is the perfect solution.

First, it’s easy to transport and store. This heavy-duty four-ring throwing target is ready to use right from the box. The preinstalled chains allow you to hang the board on a wall or tree.

Made from 2 by 6 spruce lumber, the board has a sound-deadening blackboard that cancels out the sound impact of the knives. Wet the down target for better results and longevity using a spray bottle.

The 100% hand-crafted board serves beginners and experts since the soft material allows the knife to penetrate without much effort.

9. Best for Bachelor Party: Axe Throwing Target Board

This pine wood board is not for ax throwing only. It’s the perfect board for knife throwing during a bachelor’s party or a family get-together.

A chain is attached at the top of this board for easier hanging, and you can use it to carry the board. The bottle opener at the side is a perfect addition for more fun at your party and gives it a fine touch.

The high-end throwing board measures 36″ by 28″ by 3″, and the three-ring will help you in mastering accuracy. 

It’s also a good board for training adults or kids on how to throw the knife. Wet this board before mounting it in your preferred position for excellent results.

10. Best Foldable: Two Ring Foldable Target

I love that this foldable target doesn’t require mounting on the wall. Please place it in a convenient area, ready to enjoy your new hobby.

It’s a great heavy-duty wood target, and you can use it for knife and ax throwing. Its durable material can withstand the outdoor environment or keep it in your garage.

Wet the board before use to increase its durability since it’s easier for a dry one to crack. Applying too much force and hitting the board with the handles can affect its durability.

Replacing this board is effortless. When it wears out, use the star head decking screw to remove the screws that are fixed from the back.

Final Thoughts

With the above targets, you have every reason to enjoy your throw. Choose a board that will work well with your knives and axes. A lightweight board works when you are traveling. 

To avoid destroying your target fast, master those throwing techniques, and it would help if you went for the best DIY knife throwing board for your training and purchase one when you have the skills.

Knives that come with their target boards help in saving the cost. Don’t forget to clean your knives after the throw session. All the best as you choose the most appropriate knife-throwing target.

Tom Williams

Tom Williams

With a large collection of knives and too much free time, I decided that I would open my blog and tell you all about my greatest love in life (besides my wife)

Tom Williams

Tom Williams

With a large collection of knives and too much free time, I decided that I would open my blog and tell you all about my greatest love in life (besides my wife)

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